Windekind's gardens,
where creativity and nature meet 

Careful hands have shaped three ponds, nine gardens and the interlace of brooks, walls, lawns and trails. Our goal is to forge a cohesive and colorful medley of space and color always seeing humans as essential actors on this stage.

We invite new members to find their own place and way. They may simple visit and enjoy our work and that is worth well.  They, inspired,  may also find their own pathways  with nature creating an extension of our artistry into a communities’ artistry.

Marijke, by nature, is a perennial gardener, she loves permanence, the fact that lasting plants have a history and we can watch them grow and change year after year. The plants are like her children, growing taller and wider always changing their colors and shapes surrounded by others that are also in a constant state of change.

Many of her original gardens have been nurseries, creating plant stock that we use for our gardens, our plants have spread through our neighborhood and the town. We look forward to sharing with new members in the Commons.


Mixing Elements,

 Water, stone, plants and lots of frogs. 

mixed flowers
red flowers_
house red pl
garden flowers-2
veg garden_
garden flowers-3
fall g