The Commons at Windekind

Creating a Neighborhood that People Love 

"Clearly, what I’m seeing is an expression of joy, beauty, generosity and trust. This is the work of heart. In seeking out leading edge practices for building, land stewardship and governance, and in learning through doing, you’re activating inquisitive minds. And with Windekind’s culture of craftsmanship, stewardship and the arts, you’re engaging the hands. All together—heart, head, and hands—passion and purpose are put to the good work of caring for the land, creating community, and demonstrating the kind of living needed in an increasingly interconnected world."

(Ross Chapin, architect and writer of Pocket Neighborhoods, Creating Small Scale Community in a Large Scale World)

Special thanks to Aaron Worthley of Arrowwood Environmental for the creation of this video.

The Commons model of ownership that includes nine individually owned house sites of approximately one acre. Each of the nine households will own a 1/9 share of the remaining 131 acres or the equivalent of 15.5 acres per family. Marijke and I  will stay in the original farmhouse as equal members and also own 1/9th of the Common Land. Two current rental cottages (Breidablick and Campanula) are for sale as part of the Commons, and six new homes, owed by the new families, will be added.

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