The Commons at Windekind

Creating a beautiful Neighborhood that people love 

Seeking the leading edge for building, land stewardship and governance.

"Clearly, what I’m seeing is an expression of joy, beauty, generosity and trust. This is the work of heart. In seeking out leading edge practices for building, land stewardship and governance, and in learning through doing, you’re activating inquisitive minds. And with Windekind’s culture of craftsmanship, stewardship and the arts, you’re engaging the hands. All together—heart, head, and hands—passion and purpose are put to the good work of caring for the land, creating community, and demonstrating the kind of living needed in an increasingly interconnected world."

(Ross Chapin, architect and writer of Pocket Neighborhoods, Creating Small Scale Community in a Large Scale World)

Special thanks to Aaron Worthley of Arrowwood Environmental for the creation of this video.

Integrating Private and Public Spaces

The Commons model of ownership includes eight individually owned house sites that range in size from one acre to over four acres.  Each of the eight households will also own a 1/9 share of the remaining 131 acres the equivalent of more than 15 acres per family depending on the size of the private parcel. Marijke and I will live in the original farmhouse as equal members owning 1/9th of the Common Land. Two cottages, Breidablick and Campanula, are part of the Commons, Breidablick has been sold while Campanula is still available. Six private house sites are also for sale and new homes can be built on them, we will help you do that.

Integrating private and public space affords member families the opportunity to create private lawns and gardens, build buildings, including adjunct structures and protect privacy. Public or common areas provide member families access to large tracts of open and forested land that can be used for gardening, farming, conservation and many recreational purpose. Common land and buildings are places where people come together to socialize, work and create, while protecting and sustaining a priceless natural resource for themselves, their children and future generations.

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